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Rest assured that Michael Gampp, LLC is an FHA-certified appraisal service in Colorado, and more specifically the Denver Metro Area.  We're certified and approved to do appraisal reports for FHA secured financial transactions. FHA's guidelines, documentation and policies may seem difficult to comprehend, but the staff at Michael Gampp, LLC is well-trained on how to comply with the rules and regulations provided. You can browse the following HUD website to find any FHA information you might need:

Be sure to contact Michael Gampp, LLC if you need an appraisal done for an FHA-secured loan.

The FHA is the Federal Housing Administration, which is a federal agency in the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD); if your financial transaction is an FHA-secured loan, it means it is secured by them. The lender provides all the money in the loan - the FHA simply insures the transaction by providing mortgage insurance in case the borrower does not pay off his or her loan. Low-income and moderate-income borrowers benefit the most from FHA-secured loan programs. The point of the Federal Housing Administration is to assist credit-worthy buyers get approved for mortgages that they otherwise would not. Unlike the VA appraiser panel, the lending agency working with FHA has the freedom to choose the appraiser.

The rates on FHA loans are generally market rates, while down payment requirements are lower than for conventional loans. FHA loan programs are extremely beneficial to those buyers with less accessible funding.


Michael Gampp, LLC is the company you should trust when you need appraisals for foreclosures in Colorado

There are particular appraisal difficulties when we're talking about a property in foreclosure or one that has reverted to the lender's holding.

When there is a property in foreclosure, it's important to know market value versus a "quick disposition" assessment to evaluate your likely charge-off liability. Michael Gampp, LLC has the knowledge in both presenting snapshots of market value for our mortgage servicing clients, in addition to "quick sale" forecasts that take into consideration your time constraints.

The professionals at Michael Gampp, LLC have the experience to deal with the particular dynamics of a foreclosure appraisal. For a company you can count on, contact Michael Gampp, LLC.

Owners of dwellings in foreclosure might be uncooperative to allowing an inspection of the property, thus presenting specific challenges. If they have abandoned the property already, they may have neglected care of the home for a long time - or worse, ransacked the home.

If you're dealing with a house that has returned to REO, you will interested in a speedy disposition. But you may want to know about and examine three values: as-is, as repaired, and "quick sale". These correspond to:

  • The value of the property without any work done to it
  • Value with the repairs necessary to make the home marketable at full market value - commensurate with other properties in the area
  • Somewhere in the middle, with minimal investment in repairs - to get rid of the property quickly, possibly to someone who'd rather finish the job themselves

Again, we understand your timeline and the specific situation of a Real Estate Owned home, as well as the special data you'll need - competing listings, neighborhood trends, and the like. You can rely on Michael Gampp, LLC to take on the appraisal of your bank owned property with expertise and professionalism. Contact us today.

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